Coded Club

Eindhoven - The Netherlands

Coded Club helps organizations and business to permanently deliver and transfer information, skills and knowledge to their specific target group. They do this through gamification experiences. Simply put, this means using game techniques and game elements in a non-game environment. The goal is to change behavior in a playful way, to create involvement, engagement and to transfer knowledge. The games therefore do not only inform the participants, but also invite them to immediately put the new knowledge into action.

This way they turn an annual training into a valuable experience. They challenge visitors of an event or employees of an on-boarding. They allow children and young people to look at contemporary and versatile themes such as inclusivity, circularity and healthy food with their own eyes.

What I did

  • Marketingplan and personas
  • Contentplan
  • Project management (in Notion)
  • Briefing website content