About Me.

Carlijn De Nijs
Online marketing advice
Websites | Content marketing | Social media 

Content. ‘A state of peaceful happiness’, but also a noun with the meaning: ‘shared information and experiences’. As a content creator and manager, this means I help you express whatever it is you/your company would like to communicate through various (online) media. How we do this always depends on your business goals. Content should never be created ‘because we have to put something online’. Although consistency is important, we should always keep your goals in mind and look at your (online) marketing as a whole.

For example. Many of my clients came to me with the question:
“I have a website and some social media accounts, but now what?” Many (starting) entrepreneurs are too busy with their profession, their business and have little time (and sometimes little interest) for (online) marketing. This is why they contact me. In some cases, we start from scratch and redesign their whole website. In other cases I created a content plan and they simply asked me to please keep an eye on it and remind them when and what to write or take pictures off. I have also worked with clients that said “Here is our website login and Instagram account, please do whatever you need to do”. It all depends on where you are at and what your goals are.

So you can message me:
– To (help you) manage your content and social media
– To write content for your website
– To develop a new website for you that you can later manage yourself (if you’d like)
– To get a second opinion about your website
– To discuss your marketing goals and/or business plan
– To help you with your Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO)

Connect with me
On my homepage you will find some clients I worked for and projects I did. For an overview of my studies and experience, please connect with me on LinkedIn. Interested in a chat with me? Please contact me.